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"S.T.I.C's mission is to facilitate bulk commodities transports by sea, around the globe; and to participate in the world's economic growth and stability by conducting it's business with responsibility and ethics."
Shipowners Trust International Corporation -, President Anastasios Maraslis
Anastasios A. Maraslis

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International Business Consultancy

A General Shipping Market View and S.T.I.C’s Leading Position.

The international shipping industry is responsible for the carriage of around 90% of world trade. Shipping is the life blood of our World’s economy. Without shipping, intercontinental trade, the bulk transport of raw materials, and the import/export of affordable food and manufactured goods would simply not be possible.

Ships are vital to worldwide trade. There are about 50,000 Merchant ships engaged in the International Trade.

To maintain these ships’ propellers running at all times there is a need for qualified and hard working Maritime Workforce! Skilled and highly qualified people – men and women – like you, who have devoted the largest part of their every day – and night sometimes – life in this purpose.

This colossal industry involves and embraces many occupations, professionals and Shipping companies of various sizes. All of them are winning their survival and affluence through tough competition and alliances.

Shipping can be very profitable. However, the business is cyclical with periodic overcapacity.

Running a shipping company is difficult, especially in times of crisis.

S.T.I.C In this immense and multi interests’ business environment- with its huge workforce - offers unique technology solutions, experience and capabilities in identifying areas, for economic and strategic improvement, guiding you through a restructuring or turnaround to maximize opportunities, especially during distress periods.

S.T.I.C’s technology solutions are based in our deep understanding of shipping business and are uniquely designed to improve work performance through transfer of knowledge and experience on a wide variety of problems/challenges and this is the key to your success!

Strategic management and planning

Shipowners Trust International Corporation - Consultancy services In its most simplistic approach S.T.I.C assists you to re define the scope of your company, to clearly define your company’s ‘product’ and ‘by products’, to redesign your corporate strategy, to gain an understanding of the challenges, to develop projects and battle plans, to plan operational programs, to organize and manage your company’s future effectively step by step.

S.T.I.C acknowledges the high importance of team’s work in successful daily operations and helps you align personnel skills and knowledge with organizational needs, addressing team makeup, job descriptions, skills assessment, each department’s ‘product’ awareness, self motivation, business control and training in the process.

What Sets Us Apart

S.T.I.C is the optimum choice for clients seeking to achieve results and wins by design. We enable this success of organizational transformation through collaboration – by working side by side with our clients- sharing accountability, transferring knowledge and applied technology, and helping transform the culture to embrace and sustain lasting change.

S.T.I.C clearly understands the unique environment of shipping industry and its cyclicality, playing a leading acting role in it, since 1997 to date, as ships commercial manager, ship operators, ship brokers, traders and our achievements and innovations have been publicly recognized by Lloyd’s List, Trade Winds and other well known shipping gazettes and International papers, but most importantly by our loyal international shipping clientele!

S.T.I.C’s own recent survey of more than 1,000 shipping executives, as well as our candid conversations with shipping entrepreneurs, confirms our evaluations indicating that cognitive biases affect critical strategic decisions made by even the most experienced managers in the best companies.

S.T.I.C has the technology available to clear these, usually subconscious, biases which affect decision making, by re defining what is ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘excessive optimism’ or merely ‘a prejudice’, improving thus overall strategic decision-making capabilities.

S.T.I.C is the optimum choice for clients seeking to achieve results and wins by design. We enable this success of organizational transformation through collaboration – by working side by side with our clients- sharing accountability, transferring knowledge and applied technology, and helping transform the culture to embrace and sustain lasting change.

Shipowners Trust International Corporation - Consultancy services S.T.I.C helps clients transform challenges into growth opportunities and competitive advantage. We help clients achieve dramatic improvements in productivity and efficiency.

S.T.I.C on request conducts an employee aptitude survey test which helps your company’s management to find out what is preventing people doing their jobs. It’s a matter of survival to spot disengaged employees who stop your company from performing at its best. Furthermore, the findings can help you focus on precisely where changes need to be made in order to have the biggest impact on individual and company performance.

S.T.I.C monitors the application of its technology and the developments through statistics, weekly, semi monthly or monthly, depending on the project. The tool of managing through statistics is unmistakable and easy to apply without risking emotional biases.

Sourcing Strategy

Build or buy second hand? Outsource or in-house?

Shipping executives and entrepreneurs face numerous options in assembling an effective sourcing strategy to support their organization. To evaluate sourcing options and approaches, S.T.I.C’s President Mr. Anastasios A. Maraslis and its team of experts provide independent advice, backed with significant first-hand experience, to help shipping executives and entrepreneurs to select the best sourcing and reliable partners, design and negotiate successful charter parties or contracts of affreaightment and ensure effective partner relationships based on S.T.I.C business ethics. The result is significant, quantifiable savings and profits for our clients.

Epilogue and the right questions

Although our world, nowadays, is in turmoil on a global scale, shipping business executives and investors have plenty of reasons to stay hunkered down as they are confronting huge challenges in their daily decisions game.

However behind the dire headlines and day-to-day frictions of the marketplace, eight trillion-dollars macro trends are at work in the global economy. The pursuit by businesses and governments of the macro trends’ growth potential will reach many corners of the globe. China, India and other rapidly emerging economies are flexing their strength as they adjust to the phenomenal growth that has been the biggest economic story of the past two decades.

Is your company prepared for this? Have you adequately planned and organised to catch the forthcoming changes? Have you a clear strategy plan to grow and expand with safety and a plan to absorb some of the benefits?

S.T.I.C will help you ask the right questions, understand what the results mean and prioritize actions for shaping your company’s future with responsibility and a clear vision of your goals.

S.T.I.C’s consultancy is all about communication, engagement and enablement’

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