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Mission Statement:

"S.T.I.C's mission is to facilitate bulk commodities transports by sea, around the globe; and to participate in the world's economic growth and stability by conducting it's business with responsibility and ethics."
Shipowners Trust International Corporation -, President Anastasios Maraslis
Anastasios A. Maraslis

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Welcome! Shipowners Trust International Corporation.
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Company Overview

S.T.I.C - Shipping & Trading was established in 1997 by Mr. Anastasios Maraslis, A businessman of Greek origin, who has been meritoriously mentioned several times by Lloyd’s List, Trade Winds, Shipping Manager Magazine and other Shipping publications, for his innovative and successful achievements in both Shipping and Marine Insurance Business World.

S.T.I.C is a uniquely structured and well organised Maritime Company based on its founder’s and Directors’ thirty years of maritime business experience, in shipping dry bulk commodities -ranging from 20,000 up to 160,000 metric tons- port to port, worldwide, with professionalism, integrity and economically.

S.T.I.C has also established, since 1999, the project cargoes division and undertakes, when required, the shipping of factory equipments, windmill turbines, engines, reactors or generators, with highly sophisticated and well geared vessels.

S.T.I.C also offers commercial management to third parties and undertakes the following:

Shipowners Trust International Corporation • Commercial management of dry bulk, handy size up to Cape size vessels.
• Contracts of affreightment for bulk Iron Ore Cargoes.
• Contracts of affreightment for bulk Coal Cargoes.
• Contracts of affreightment for Urea Cargoes.
• Contracts of affreightment for Steel and Scrap bulk Cargoes.
• Contracts of a pre agreed period or fixed volume or specified trade.
• On Spot basis: Covering demand for tonnage capacity or suitable cargo
   shipments when such is required for vessel’s employment.

S.T.I.C is mostly specialized in the safe, speedy and economical sea transportation of bulk Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Chrome Ore, Alumina, Coal, Scrap, Steels, Cement, Clinker, Concentrates, Urea, Salt, Sulphur, Fertilizers and Agro products.

S.T.I.C occasionally combines under deck cargoes with deck cargoes and offers many options which might suit client’s needs. It's a unique advantage for S.T.I.C to work with a network of 23000 international shipping business associates. This long and keep growing communication line of co operatives all over the world is S.T.I.C’s antagonistic advantage in servicing any shipping requirement at any port of the world, whether it is for a Vessel, for a Commodity or for an S&P business transaction.

S.T.I.C operates currently from its private owned building at Piraeus-Greece and it's large and strong world wide network of business associates chain, consisted of Ship Owners, Ship Operators, Charterers, Traders, Shipping organizations, Shipyards, Steel Mills, Scrap Yards, Consultants, Insurance underwriters and Shipbrokers, who support S.T.I.C’s mission and initiatives.

S.T.I.C’s Management having realized from its early years how important co operations are -for servicing effectively its growing worldwide clientele - is hereby welcoming you and is inviting you, the shipping professional, trader, ship owner, charterer, shipper, importer, shipbroker, ship agent or forwarding agent, to join your talents and objectives with S.T.I.C’s, in a mutual benefit ‘golden association’, based on three key foundations: 1) S.T.I.C's Code Of Ethics, 2) S.T.I.C’s World Wide Business Alliances and 3) S.T.I.C’s uncompromised principle of ‘24/7- hands on the business’. Join us!

Contact us at:

Shipping & Trading
Phone: +30 210 4529500 - Fax: +30 210 4529505.
Mobiles: +30 6943 108283, +30 6932 201053, +30 6945 590744.
E-mail: (Chartering Dept.)
E-mail: (Operations / Post Fixtures Depts.)
E-mail: (Trading/S&P Depts.)
E-mail: (Admin Dept. /General)